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Decentralized finance is flourishing, and NFTs are entering the mainstream — but there is one critical piece preventing today’s decentralized ecosystem from being more resilient and future-proof: the lack of widespread adoption of decentralized cloud storage.

That’s where ColdStack, which is about to hold its highly anticipated IDO on SuperStarter, comes into play: As the “Uber for Clouds,” ColdStack aims to bring AI-driven decentralized cloud aggregation to the blockchain space, a critical pillar in the decentralized systems of the future.

Addressing the Vulnerabilities of Today’s Crypto Infrastructure
Looking at the current DeFi landscape, one thing becomes clear: While we have seen significant innovation and adoption, we are far from achieving the vision of a fully decentralized ecosystem:

On the one hand, many organizations still have to tackle the transition from centralized or federated governance structures to fully decentralized DAO’s.
On the other hand, many are overlooking the core infrastructure, which is underlying the crypto and DeFi space: Most decentralized applications today still rely on websites and data storage services hosted by centralized providers (e.g. centralized domain registrars such as GoDaddy or cloud storage such as Amazon Web Services).

This doesn’t just go against the blockchains space’s ethos of decentralization but also poses severe risks of censorship and control by powerful actors. Therefore, it is clear: The blockchain space needs scalable and secure decentralized data storage solutions, where no single entity can determine the fate of thousands and eventually billions of users.

The current cloud storage market has an estimated size of over $50 billion and is expected to grow up to $137.3 billion in the next 4 years. This leads to a lot of growth potential for the whole decentralized cloud storage space.

Among the most promising decentralized data storage providers — who all find themselves at different stages of their development — are:

ColdStack: The “Uber for Clouds”
While the decentralized data storage space is being built, a new project aims to bring the pieces together and meet the demand for user-friendly aggregation services: ColdStack.
Founded by seasoned blockchain and AI experts Alexander Shishow, Victor Nagaitsev, and Denis Vorobiev, ColdStack enjoys the backing of several large-caliber VCs and partners.

As the first aggregator of decentralized data storage services, ColdStack seeks to aggregate all existing DSN networks into one dApp platform. Its services are:
Affordable due to an AI-driven approach and price guarantees
Easy to use thanks to Amazon S3 compatible APIs, offering a Web3-based “all-in-one” experience
Secure and private, incorporating the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology
Side note: No KYC or other form of identity verification will be required to use ColdStack’s services.


ColdStack is set to enter the blockchain space with a splash, fulfilling the demand for decentralized data storage aggregation — which is a missing piece in today’s decentralized ecosystem.

With interoperability and cross-chain functionality at the core of ColdStack’s vision, the project perfectly fits into the narrative of interoperable blockchain solutions — offering a promising outlook for ColdStack’s native token.

It is only a matter of time before services, offered by the likes of ColdStack, become as standard in the crypto space as DEX and DeFi aggregators are today.

Beyond that, decentralized data storage will most likely play a critical role in the Web3 infrastructure of the future and reach significant mainstream adoption.

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