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0:00 Danger Ahead?
1:12 Chart Analysis
3:38 Grayscale Intro
5:31 GBTC Premium
7:20 Grayscale Missing?
11:30 Altcoin Roundup
13:36 Pump to Resume in Feb
15:30 Support the Channel

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Forex Trading – Fundamental Versus Technical Analysis

Two types of Forex market analysis are fundamental and technical analysis. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but both of them can be used to make money. Learn about the different types to see which is best for you to make money.

Seize the Chance and Make Profits With Profitable Forex Strategies

The term Forex stands for Foreign Exchange Market. The Forex market boasts being the largest and most liquid market in the world. In fact, over 3 trillion dollars exchange hands on a daily basis in this huge market place.

Profitable Trading With Morning Break Out Strategies

A notable aspect as a result of the movement of various traded currency pairs in a Forex market is the probability of getting significant early morning breakouts. As a matter of fact, these early morning breakouts are increasingly profitable if spotted early by a Forex trader since they can take an equivalent long or short position all at once. During the first half an hour of trading, take note of the highs and lows of trading.

The Importance of Forex Trading Hours in Order to Earn Great Money

If you know Forex trading hours, you can earn a lot by doing this business. There are a lot of ways in order to do this work. One of the great opportunities is that you can perform this work right from your home.

Forex Trading: The Perfect Business

A business can be simply defined as an activity that is performed for profit. The main difference between carrying on a business and a hobby is that a business has an expectation of profit, is run in a systematic, continuous and regular manner, involves the calculation of costs and risks involved, and involves making projections of revenues and earnings. Similarly, Forex trading is a business as the main objective of most traders is to generate profit from the market. In fact, Forex trading can be regarded as the perfect business for anyone who are serious about it. Here’s ten reasons why.

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