Umbrella Network (UMB) Partners With Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (MATIC)

Umbrella is the first truly decentralized oracle service providing low cost, massively scalable, and secure solutions for smart contracts.

Umbrella Network provides access to data previously unavailable to blockchain developers, and at a far lower cost than any other oracle in the industry. And with over 1,000 data pairs available, they offer more data than any other oracle in the ecosystem.

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0:00 Introduction to Umbrella Network (UMB)
2:31 What Are Decentralized Oracles?
5:26 Umbrella Network Migrates to Binance Smart Chain BSC
6:36 UMB Partnership with UniFarm Defi Project
7:18 $UMB Added 91% more liquidity to Pancakeswap CAKE
7:51 Umbrella Network April Updates
8:38 Polygon (MATIC) Partnership

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