TOP MARCH Altcoins: MICRO Cap Crypto Gems including Kucoin, Fractal, XEND, Blank Dafi and More 🚀

Kucoin SuperWeek Event (KCS) | Cartesi (CTSI) and Avalanche (AVAX) Updates | Hidden Altcoin Gems: Fractal, Xend, Blank, Dafi | Nimbus (NBU) Uniswap Listing | PAID Network, Polkadot, The Graph, Fantom, Algorand, OpenDAO | Chainlink, Binance Smart Chain, Multiplier | Coinbase Announces SEC Filing for Listing of Class A Common Stock | Opera Adds in-browser Simplex Integration | More Positive Macro Bitcoin and Crypto Trends

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Kucoin SuperWeek Event (KCS)
04:32 Cartesi (CTSI) and Avalanche (AVAX) Updates
06:46 Hidden Altcoin Gems: Fractal, Xend, Blank, Dafi
15:08 Nimbus (NBU) Uniswap Listing
20:28 PAID Network, Polkadot, The Graph, Fantom, Algorand, OpenDAO
23:25 Chainlink, Binance Smart Chain, Multiplier
24:44 Coinbase Announces SEC Filing for Listing of Class A Common Stock
25:45 Opera Adds in-browser Simplex Integration
27:47 More Positive Macro Bitcoin and Crypto Trends

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