Top 5 Altcoin Trends After the Crypto Crash

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets are currently undergoing their fifth major correction in the current cycle, and this one is the largest yet.

Total market capitalization has fallen by over 1 trillion dollars. Dips are a healthy part of market cycles, the crypto market included, since prices do not move in a straight line. A number of trends will be worth keeping an eye on during this one.


0:00 The Consequences of this Crypto Market Crash
1:30 Trend 1: Ethereum Layer 2 Launches
2:10 Trend 2: Increased Interest in Bitcoin’s Efficient Competitors
3:08 Trend 3: The Decline of Meme Coins
3:58 Trend 4: Ethereum Competitors Keep Building
4:45 Trend 5: Uniswap V3 Does DeFi

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