Top 4 Mid Cap Cryptocurrencies For 2021! πŸ‘€

My top 4 mid cap cryptocurrencies for 2021 are revealed in this video! In my opinion these could perform very well in 2021 and that’s why I would like to explain what they’re all about. REN, The Graph (GRT), Reserve Rights Token (RSR) and Utrust (UTK) are 4 mid-cap coins that I’ve invested in. Do you hold any of these yourself? Or are you invested in other promising mid-cap cryptocurrencies? Let me know in the comments! exchange: (get up to $50 bonus): card (get $25 bonus when ordering metal card):
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0:00 Intro
1:02 The Graph (GRT)
4:52 REN (REN)
10:15 Reserve Rights Token (RSR)
13:08 Utrust (UTK)

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional financial advisor and everything I say in my videos is just my own opinion and for educational purposes only.


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