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It s the most wonderful time of the year.

Hey E.T Fam! I’m sure by now you all have seen today’s market performance. That Santa rally came just in time. We’re seeing the most magical time of the year do its thing. If you all are anything like me, you’re feeling particularly bullish. Plus, Christmas is near.

So, I’m feeling a bit of Christmas cheer. Today I’m coming to you all bearing gifts. I’m dropping off a list of altcoin gems to jumpstart you all’s holiday. What type of community leader would I be if I left you all high and dry? Plus, I’m doing it the right way. I’m going live!

Be sure to tune in because whenever I’m feeling generous, you know the alpha is going to be fire. Happy Holidays!!!

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins

0:00 My Outlook On The Next 30 Days
1:07 Block Out The Emotion
2:04 If You Missed The Big Build Up
2:50 My New Rule
4:00 Were We Wrong About The 4-Year Cycle
4:55 Treasure Hunt
5:24 The More Smart Nerds The Better
6:23 The Sentiment Where You Want To Be A Buyer
7:30 Buy When Sentiment Is Bad
8:23 Calling Tops
9:24 Superchats
10:43 YouTube Is Where Everyone Is Learning About Crypto
13:00 NFTs Will Be Massive
14:08 NFTs Will Be Bigger Than Crypto
15:00 BAYC Flippening
16:14 Keep Your Eyes On The Trend
16:38 Neo Tokyo
18:28 Neo Tokyo Is The Only New Blue Chip
19:43 My Honorary NFT
20:46 Coin #1
21:36 Coin #2
23:04 There Is Motion In DeFi
24:20 We Will See $100K BTC
25:50 Coin #3 – #5
27:42 The Gaming Industry Thrives On Free To Play
29:00 Gaming Has Perfect Product Market Fit
30:00 Cosmetic Upgrades Are A Huge Part Of The Future
31:13 Coin #6
32:00 Play The Games
32:40 These Are High Risk Plays
33:10 Coin #7
35:48 No Other Industry Works Like Gaming
36:22 Coin #8
37:56 How To Allocate
38:40 Coin #9
40:28 Coin #10
43:30 Coin #11
44:24 The Biggest Opportunities
45:04 Big Time
45:40 Heroes Of Mavia
46:07 Neo Tokyo Is About Building The Metaverse
47:03 Neo Tokyo Tournament
48:00 Comments
50:30 Play The Game And See If You Like It
50:55 Thoughts About Web3 Debate
52:20 VC Stuff Is Temporary
53:33 Jack May Be Trying To Start A Dialogue
55:38 Jack Is Going To Make Huge Contributions To The Space
56:57 Sipher
58:39 SuperFarm Update
1:01:12 A Big Thank You

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

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