The Biggest GEM On POLKDOT! Paid Network, Ignition IDO Platform!

PAID Network is a business toolkit for all your needs, encompassing SMART Agreements, escrow, reputation-scoring, dispute arbitration and resolution, as well as DeFi tools such as insurance, borrowing and lending. PAID aims to take the lawyers out of legal contracts, making simple, easy-to-use SMART Agreements available for users. Reputation-scoring tracks user behavior, while escrow and dispute arbitration/resolution ensure PAID users receive the value stipulated in their contract. DeFi tools work in concert with the aforementioned elements to provide a one-stop solution for conducting business transactions.

Layah speaks with Kyle Chasse, founder and CEO of Paid Network.

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0:00 Introduction to PAID Network
1:01 What is PAID and what is it aiming to solve?
6:48 Can you tell us about the March 2021 Hack?
13:25 When will Ignition Support Multichain tokens?
15:09 Would you consider making PAID and Ignition 2 separate tokens?
18:45 What happened with May 4 Ignition Loading Issues?
20:30 Is there a 10% Airdrop happening?
22:00 Will Mantra DAO PAID staking affect the whitelisting process?
22:55 What else is happening this year for PAID?

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