The Big Crypto Cats are Here! Institutional Bitcoin Interest is EXPLODING!!!

Persistence StakeDrop ($50,000 in XPRT) | $2T Crypto Market Cap Will Attract Institutions | Positive Macro Bitcoin & Crypto News | Kyber Network KNC Updates | FalconSwap FSW Updates | COTI Network and Chainlink Updates | Is Chainlink Being Added to Grayscale (LINK Trust) | More Positive Macro News (Mercato, Signature Bank | Closing Positivity

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:43 Persistence StakeDrop ($50,000 in XPRT)
1:39 $2T Crypto Market Cap Will Attract Institutions
3:49 Positive Macro Bitcoin & Crypto News
7:00 Kyber Network KNC Updates
8:10 FalconSwap FSW Updates
9:07 COTI Network and Chainlink Updates
9:30 Is Chainlink Being Added to Grayscale (LINK Trust)
12:53 More Positive Macro News (Mercato, Signature Bank
17:06 Closing Positivity

Persistence Interview:

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