Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

The CRWNY token is different from SPL brand loyalty tokens. We will first launch an ERC20 token on Ethereum, followed by a token migration to Solana post-launch.

Our application is the bridge between the consumer and brand. The integrated SOL wallet will hold all the loyalty points the user receives and allows the user to interact with their favorite content and brands. For every interaction, the user will be rewarded with our CRWNY tokens.

Crowny offers brands the ability to create their own loyalty programs based on the SPL Token Program. The created loyalty program can be interacted with through either our own API or the easy-to-use interface Crowny provides for less technical brands.

Layah speaks with Quincy Dagelet, CEO and founder of Crowly

web site:



0:00 Introduction to Crowny
0:51 How is Crowny redefining the Billion Dollar Ad industry?
3:58 How does Crowny Lower the ad costs for brands?
7:25 What are the direct benefits to Crowny Users?
10:11 What is the Advertising Portal?
11:40 Are there other platform rewards?
12:17 When is the Crowny-Solana bridge happening?
13:57 What can we expect from Crowny in the next 12 months?

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