Revolutionary gamified NFT Platform on Matic Network – Blind Boxes!

Blind Boxes is a gamified aggregator marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The platform curates collections of digital assets from top brands, well-known artists, and famous NFT creators. Then it offers them in mysterious boxes – hence, Blind Boxes. While the project provides digital creators with an opportunity to showcase their work to a broad audience, it also offers collectors a chance to discover and get a hold of rare digital art. Interestingly, the platform is designed in a way that benefits both NFT collectors and creators without too much technical ado.

Get to know more about the project and upcoming mainnet launch directly from the Founder, Anita Moore in this Spotlight section with Layah Heilpern.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Tell us about BlindBoxes and where the name came from.
01:51 What are the two major products of BlindBoxes?
04:01 How do you help artists from a nontech background understand NFTs?
04:59 What are the benefits for both NFT collectors and creators?
08:21 Tell us about the BlindBoxes staking.
09:05 What are the use cases and benefits of $BLES?
11:47 What are the contests?
13:38 How is the rollout of BlindBoxes Mainnet going?
14:22 What can we expect for the rest of 2021?


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