Polkadot’s Polkadex: Everything You NEED to Know

Polkadot is building a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange DEX platform known as Polkadex. It improves on what Uniswap and other competitors do while offering high liquidity and speed. Its Orderbook and focus on partnerships truly set it apart, and we explore its NFT and partnership ambitions in this video.

0:00 Introduction to Polkadex
1:14 Uniswap UNI and DEXs
3:35 The Polkadex Orderbook
6:27 Liquidity, Parachains and Speed
7:59 Polkadex Fiat
8:41 Polkadex IDO
9:29 Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs
10:33 Platform Competitors
12:03 Partnerships and Achievements
13:13 PDEX Tokenomics

#polkadot #crypto #polkadex

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