OMG 🤯 CRYPTO WHALES Making Moves | Major Bitcoin PRICE BREAKOUT | Ethereum Layer 2s Soar 🚀

Bitcoin Major Price Breakout COMING! Ethereum Whales are waking up, and Elon Musk Buys Twitter. Will Elon Musk put crypto wallets on Twitter and use DogeCoin as payment? Google is hosting Nodes as a Service for Ethereum and other blockchains coming soon!

Bitcoin TA Video:


0:14 Intro
0:22 Bitcoin Major Price Movement
1:00 Elon Musk Buys Twitter! Good for Crypto?
1:51 Ethereum Whales Wake Up after 6 years!
2:32 Layer 2 TVL Reaches $5 Billion!
2:58 Ethereum Used to Help Cure Cancer?
3:40 ZkSync 2.0 Release, and Token Airdrop?
4:27 Google Enters Blockchain Space With Node Service

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