NFTs I’m buying RIGHT NOW before the next bull run

In this video I go over the NFTs that I’ve been buying or ones that are on my watchlist.

The point of the video isn’t to convince you to buy these projects – it’s about showing my thought process behind why I’m buying them in the first place. I offer some frameworks for how to approach these NFTs during a weird market like the one we’re currently in. Use these to find hidden gem projects early before the rest of the market discovers them.

tubby cats:
capsule house:

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0:00 start here
1:25 the current market is…weird
2:36 the 0 – 2 trader
3:29 the 2 – 20 trader
5:18 project #1
7:55 project #2
11:29 project #3

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Why Should Choose Induction Heating Technology for Part Hardening and Tempering Process?

Banner 728x90 1 NFTs I'm buying RIGHT NOW before the next bull run

In the industry, the parts usually need to be heat-treated in order to be adapted to the working conditions. After heat treatment, the parts microstructure, hardness, tensile strength, yield strength will greatly improved. Therefore, heat treatment is a critical process during parts processing.

What Might Be Next In The Economy?

Since, we don’t have a crystal ball, it is impossible to predict, accurately, the future! This is especially true, when, it comes to economic issues, including investment, real estate, interest rates, inflationary pressures, government actions, international factors, etc. What are the ramifications of inflation, recession, interest rates, Federal Reserve Bank decisions, etc?

Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

After, close to two years, it should surprise no one, many are, at the least, tired of this horrendous pandemic, or even, far – more, fatigued, and sick – and- tired of it, and the impact on our lives! However, this should not, and cannot justify, the utter – disregard of some, in terms of respecting the greater good, and abiding by basic, common sense, public health, protective measures! How did this become another, political issue, with so many, apparently putting their personal/ political interests and agenda, first?

Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

On the one hand, who are we microscopic beings to think we can have any effect at all on something as vast and incomprehensible as the Universe-in which we are so minuscule as to be inconsequential, and may be sloughed off the face of the earth as easily as a snake may shed it skin? On the other hand, as aspects of the Infinite Ineffable Intelligence, our evolutionary destiny lies in recognizing our Oneness: understanding that there is no ‘other’ and that as such, whatsoever we do to or for another we are only doing to or for…

Will The Pandemic Transform Into An Endemic?: 5 Considerations

It’s been nearly – two years, since the time, most believe, this horrific pandemic began infecting humans! We seem to have lost many opportunities, by failing to act, when needed, in a well – considered, timely manner, under the auspices of scientific and medical experts and professionals! Over 800, 000 Americans have lost their lives (and, probably, even more), and several million, world – wide, and tens of millions (and more) have been infected, to various degrees, etc!

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