Next Hot Polkadot Project? MANTA Network!

Manta Network, an interoperable and private protocol for the DeFi stack, with a privacy-preserving decentralized exchange as our first use case. We’re building it as a layer-1 solution, which means that privacy will exist in the core architecture, rather than a feature sitting on top of another blockchain. By using Substrate, we can take advantage of the interoperable ecosystem that Polkadot brings.

Layah speaks with the COO of Manta Network, Kenny Li

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00:00 Introduction to Manta Network
00:55 What is unique about Manta Network?
04:34 How do you ensure privacy in the DeFi space?
07:24 What DEX challenges is Manta trying to fix?
09:08 Is Manta more suitable to institutional investors?
11:55 What are you doing to maintain low gas fees?
14:42 What can you say about minting and private payment features?
18:42 Tell us about web 3 and MantaSwap
20:14 When can we expect the testnet launch?

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