MASSIVE: $500 Kucoin Giveaway + NBA , NFTs, DAFI, Dogecoin, Plasma, Polkadot and Chainlink Updates

$500 Kucoin Token (KCS) Giveaway | Macro Bitcoin News: MicroStrategy, BitGo, Dogecoin, NBA, NFTs | DAFI, FUSE Network, Plasma.Finance, Exeedme, UTRUST | DEXT, IOST, Polkadot, Polkamarkets, Chainlink

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0:00 $500 Kucoin Token (KCS) Giveaway
1:20 Macro Bitcoin News: MicroStrategy, BitGo, Dogecoin, NBA, NFTs
9:49 DAFI, FUSE Network, Plasma.Finance, Exeedme, UTRUST
11:56 DEXT, IOST, Polkadot, Polkamarkets, Chainlink


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