Huge Yield!! Solving the Biggest Problem with DeFi – Sienna Network

Sienna Network is a Privacy-Focused DeFi Protocol. As the protocol is built on Secret Network, the Sienna network enables cross-chain decentralized finance services where users can lend, borrow and trade privately without revealing any sensitive wallet information. The platform is designed in a way that it offers a holistic and private DeFi experience to its users.

Sienna Network website:

00:00 Introduction
01:09 What is the vision behind Sienna Network?
04:44 Why is privacy such a major area of concern for DeFi?
08:14 Would you say Sienna Network is the Linux of Crypto?
10:03 What are the utility and benefits of the $Sienna token?
12:15 Tell us about the tokenomics of Sienna.
13:59 What is the differentiating element of Siennaโ€™s Automated Market Maker?
18:06 What is the next big thing for Sienna Network?

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