ETHEREUM Ready to Fly As ETH/BTC Chart is Poised for Greatness πŸš€

Why Ethereum ETH is about to Roar | Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF Submitted to SEC | Coinbase Now Has $90 Billion AUM | Soulja Boy Buying Crypto | Ether CME Group Futures Launching Feb 8 | Jim Cramer Suggests Putting 5% into Bitcoin | 1Chainlink Going Wild! And YOU Profited!

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:41 Why Ethereum ETH is about to Roar
2:34 Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF Submitted to SEC
5:07 Coinbase Now Has $90 Billion AUM
6:19 Soulja Boy Buying Crypto
8:11 Ether CME Group Futures Launching Feb 8
9:16 Jim Cramer Suggests Putting 5% into Bitcoin
10:08 Chainlink Going Wild! And YOU Profited!


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