DCTDAO: A Gas-less, Quantum-Proof, Polkadot/Moodbeam, Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange

DCTDAO is the first Quantum Proof Cross-Chain DEX, including Polkadot and more. DCTDAO gives holders a new way to participate in a secure, gas-less, interconnected and open market DEX, defining the future of the interconnected Blockchain world.

The DCTDAO token will provide staking and rewards to users of the DCTDAO DEX on DCore. Utilising 6 years of DAPP development experience, DCORE Blockchain is poised to be the most inter-connected, scalable and secure Blockchain on the market, fully future proof with Quantum Security upgrades.

Layah interviews DCTDAO’s CEO, Matej Michalko

web sites:


Telegram : https://t.me/dctdao
Telegram Price Discussion : https://t.me/DCTDAO_Price_DCTD
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/dctdaoAnnouncement

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0:50 What industry challenges is DCTDAO solving?
2:03 Why is cross-chain interoperability so important?
4:02 What is quantum proof interoperability
7:01 What is the DCTD token utility?
8:33 What kind of APY rates can be expected?
9:22 How is the community responding to the MVP
10:30 Can you tell us more about the Launchpad?
10:56 When will the full cross-chain product be launched?

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