Bitcoin is APEX Predator BUT Ethereum, Elrond, Enjin, VeChain, StormX, Tron, XRP + Zilliqa SOARING πŸš€

Anthony Scaramucci on Bitcoin As Money Technology | Altcoin Prices: ETH, ZIL, ENJ, VET, STMX |
Blockchain Wedding | Enjin, EasyFi , PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain, WazirX, NFTs | Elrond EGLD, AVA, RAI Finance, Litentry, LIT | Vote in our Poll: Freedom vs Security

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00:00 Anthony Scaramucci on Bitcoin As Money Technology
01:22 Altcoin Prices: ETH, ZIL, ENJ, VET, STMX
05:27 Blockchain Wedding
06:23 Enjin, EasyFi , PancakeSwap, Binance Smart Chain, WazirX, NFTs
08:49 Elrond EGLD, AVA, RAI Finance, Litentry, LIT
11:48 Vote in our Poll: Freedom vs Security


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Trading System Rules For Forex Day Trading

Write your goals and objectives down on paper. This might sound a bit silly, but think about it, if your goals are just guidelines in your mind, your mind can change from day-to-day, thus you might lose direction of what you want to achieve or why you started trading in the first place. Technically you have not created any goals or systems unless you have written it down and can refer back to it.

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