Binance Coin Flexing HARD Against Ethereum + THETA, Chainlink, FUSE and Western Debt Rant!

Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH | Coingecko All Time High Feature | Altcoin News: THETA, Fuse, Chainlink, PolkaFoundry, NFTs | Robert Kiyosaki Debt Rant: Live BELOW your means | Macro Crypto News: MicroStrategy, Goldman Sachs

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0:00 Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH
9:50 Coingecko All Time High Feature
11:25 Altcoin News: THETA, Fuse, Chainlink, PolkaFoundry, NFTs
16:56 Robert Kiyosaki Debt Rant: Live BELOW your means!
21:45 Macro Crypto News: MicroStrategy, Goldman Sachs


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