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Coingecko is a Top 500 Global web site | LABS Group Uniswap Listing and Token News | ZeroSwap (ZEE), B21 Cards in Japan, Aluna Social (ALN) | FUSE Network, Polygon (MATIC), Plasma Finance (PPAY) | Quant Network (QNT) Recognized by World Bank and IMF | Digibyte (DGB), Chainlink (LINK), WING Finance | THETA Granted 2nd Major US Video Tech Patent

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00:00 Coingecko is a Top 500 Global web site
01:20 LABS Group Uniswap Listing and Token News
03:02 ZeroSwap (ZEE), B21 Cards in Japan, Aluna Social (ALN)
10:17 FUSE Network, Polygon (MATIC), Plasma Finance (PPAY)
11:49 Quant Network (QNT) Recognized by World Bank and IMF
12:54 Digibyte (DGB), Chainlink (LINK), WING Finance
14:47 THETA Granted 2nd Major US Video Tech Patent

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