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Altcoin Buzz catches up with Jagdeep Sidhu, co-founder of Syscoin SYS

Syscoin envisions worlds of unprecedented financial inclusivity, and environmental and financial economies of scale. Worlds where all individuals and enterprises have unmatched freedom to benefit from Web3 and beyond.

Syscoin brings worlds together by uniting Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin with Ethereum’s functionality, to create new opportunities for a decentralized data-driven world.

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0:00 Intro to Syscoin SYS altcoin
0:57 Ethereum and Modular Blockchains
2:13 Arweave AR and data availability
3:45 ZK-Rollups and Sharding
5:21 Syscoin Scaling
6:14 ZKs for Laymen
8:00 Binance BNB, Fantom FTM, Solana SOL vs ETH
9:00 Polkadot DOT and Cosmos ATOM
10:29 Metaverse, Crypto Gaming and GameFi
12:51 Cardano ADA


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