ALTCOINS ROCKETING: Harmony, StormX,, Polkadot, Chainlink, Chiliz and GeoDB πŸš€πŸ˜Ž

Bitcoin and Ethereum Market Movers Roundup | Injective Labs, Cartesi, CRO, Plasma.Finance PPAY | Clover, The Graph GRT, Polkadot DOT, OIN Finance, Chainlink | Contentos, OpenSea NFTs, PAID Network, Superfarm, Chiliz CHZ | Grayscale now at $45 billion AUM | GeoDB: Earn GEO and Passive Income by Selling your data

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00:00 Market Movers Roundup
01:45 Injective Labs, Cartesi, CRO, Plasma.Finance PPAY
04:34 Clover, The Graph GRT, Polkadot DOT, OIN Finance, Chainlink
07:00 Contentos, OpenSea NFTs, PAID Network, Superfarm, Chiliz CHZ
12:01 Grayscale now at $45 billion AUM
13:29 GeoDB: Earn GEO and Passive Income by Selling your data


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Trading Forex for a Living: Is It Possible?

The thing about trading foreign currencies is that we only see it as a part-time money-making activity that could potentially land as a few sums of cash if we are able to do things right. What we often don’t see is the potential profits that we can gain when we do trading forex for a living. Indeed it could be a career and a lifetime investment that allows you to control your own time and even your own destiny.

Simulated Forex Trading: What Difference Does It Make?

Foreign exchange trading is like a sport – you need to play hard, be competitive and be aggressive in order to win. However, you must also have enough training a good strategy and the right support for you to be called a champion. That’s what simulated forex trading does; it helps you get the right amount of experience you need to have the confidence in actual live trading sessions.

Automated Forex Trading Systems – Which One to Choose?

Many people find themselves wanting to invest on foreign exchange because of the lucrative returns that they see from others who have been successful in making profits. What they don’t know is that a big part of the success can be attributed to the automated forex trading systems being used by the person. This is a tool that can certainly help you make the big bucks.

Forex Trend System – How Do You Select One?

Forex is all about the trend. You need to follow the trend of the market, the trending of each currency and keep a close eye on economic factors that influence the movement of these currencies. That is the reason why a reliable forex trend system is needed in order to achieve success in the world of foreign exchange trading.

Forex Strategies Revealed – What Are They?

If you want to be successful at trading foreign currencies, then you should definitely treat it as a playing field; so many unexpected things can happen and you might be caught unaware if you’re not prepared for it. Forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme that will allow you to make millions of dollar in just a week of trading. Instead, rely on these forex strategies revealed in order to gain the utmost advantage.

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