11 Reasons Ethereum Will BLAST Through All-Time Highs | Uniswap + VeChain Updates

Ethereum ETH Daily TX Volume Higher Than Bitcoin | 11 Reasons ETH Will Blast Beyond its ATH | ETH/BTC Chart Looking Very Bullish | Macro Bitcoin BTC Updates | Pakistan and Iran Embrace Crypto Mining | UniSwap Expects $1 Billion Daily Volume as β€œNew Normal” | BMV and Ford Lead Blockchain Vehicle Identity Program (VeChain VET)

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⏰ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
2:21 Ethereum ETH Daily TX Volume Higher Than Bitcoin
3:33 11 Reasons ETH Will Blast Beyond its ATH
8:19 ETH/BTC Chart Looking Very Bullish
9:19 Macro Bitcoin BTC Updates
12:04 Pakistan and Iran Embrace Crypto Mining
17:54 UniSwap Expects $1 Billion Daily Volume as β€œNew Normal”
20:37 BMV and Ford Lead Blockchain Vehicle Identity Program (VeChain VET)


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